The Real Life Of Lisa Laporte:

Just how does a lousy, second-rate book-keeper like Lisa Laporte get to become CEO of a company?
By texting this to her BOSS...
...and putting a photo of her worn-out vagina on his smart-watch!
“I want to. Your cock inside me. Wanna fuck?” - Lisa Laporte
...and putting a photo of her worn-out vagina on his smart-watch!
Turns out this filthy, money-grabbing gold-digger is just faking sexual interest in a morbidly obese, womanizing sex-pervert for her own financial self-interests:
To protect that shameful, ill-gotten income, this evil bitch constantly exploits interns as unpaid slave labor and fires any employee whose own growing popularity becomes a threat to her meal ticket - a washed up, has-been DJ.
Yes, this evil, greedy woman really did wreck the twenty-year marriage and family home of her boss causing the complete mental collapse of his daughter, all just for her own financial advantage.
The sickening, stuck-up, "super-bitch" attitude of this despicable, evil woman once caused a group of cops to draw their guns directly at her.
Lisa "Yoko" Laporte - A sickening gold-digger who cons hundreds of companies every year to fund her undeserved, lavish, luxury lifestyle.
Lisa "Gold-Digger" Kentzell and Leo "Dick Pick" Laporte
- the Bonnie and Clyde of the podcasting industry.