Lisa Laporte: Pure, Undiluted Evil

The Real Life Of Lisa Laporte:

Just how does a lousy, second-rate book-keeper like Lisa so-called "Laporte" get to become CEO of a company?
By texting this to her BOSS...

...and putting a photo of her worn-out vagina on his smart-watch! ...and putting a photo of her worn-out vagina on his smart-watch!
“I want to. Your cock inside me. Wanna fuck?” - Lisa Laporte
Turns out this filthy, money-grabbing gold-digger is just faking sexual interest in a morbidly obese, womanizing sex-pervert for her own financial self-interests:
To protect that shameful, ill-gotten income, this evil bitch constantly exploits interns as unpaid slave labor and fires any employee whose own growing popularity becomes a threat to her meal ticket - a washed up, has-been DJ.
Yes, this evil, greedy woman really did wreck the twenty-year marriage and family home of her boss causing the complete mental collapse of his daughter, all just for her own financial advantage.
The sickening, stuck-up, "super-bitch" attitude of this despicable, evil woman once caused a group of cops to draw their guns directly at her.
Lisa "Yoko" Laporte - A sickening gold-digger who cons hundreds of companies every year to fund her undeserved, lavish, luxury lifestyle.
No regard whatsoever for other people's property but cries foul when something of hers is taken. Can you BELIEVE this selfish, narcissistic, shameless #slut?
Turns out Jolie O'Dell can't...

Lisa "Gold-Digger" Kentzell and Leo "Dick Pick" Laporte
- the Bonnie and Clyde of the podcasting industry.

How an abusive womanizing sex pervert alienates his sponsor's customers: #twitlive
March 23, 2015
ChrisP: Mike, Megan and the gang do an amazing job with TNT/TN2, but I'm curious how much pressure Crunch Report will put on TWiT
Mick has kicked ChrisP from #twitlive (this is Triangulation. Don't come in this room and discuss another show while the stream is live.)